"This is our 2nd round of training with Coach Mike for our 2nd rescue dog. We would not trust anyone else with our family members, and we need Coach Mike in our life to keep us sane. The cats come out from hiding too when he comes over. He's the 21st century's Dr Dolittle. Love ya Mike!!"

Lulu and Booper's family


"He brought his own two dogs to our training session because our dog was having problems with everything really.  I don't know how he does it, but I'm glad my veterinarian recommended going to Coach Mike instead of giving our dog Prozac.  100% satisfied and will recommend to everyone. Thanks Coach."

Peter, Barbara and Milo



"I never knew that certain things our dog was doing meant something completely different. From our first conversation, I knew he knew what he was doing. He was explaining my dog's every move, and he was on the PHONE. It was pretty amazing that from a PHONE consultation he could tell me step by step what to do or what was reallly going on in my dog's head.  We can't thank Coach Mike enough for literally changing our lives and our perspective.  Truly amazing."

Jack and Ted Dodie, Salem, NH


"I was matched with a dog from a rescue group in Texas.  He came here totally emaciated, generally poor condition, but most disturbing is that his fear and anxiety were so bad, he would not eat, and only vomit if he did eat.  The veterinarian suggested to call Coach Mike before we medicate the poor thing (as the rest of his health panel looked great, besides being underweight).  With in seconds, our dog warmed up to Mike (which took us 2 weeks at least to get that far), and he laid down next to Mike while Mike was explaining what he was observing about our dog.  We had never seen this dog lay down COMFORTABLY.  He showed us how to differentiate body language from what we were thinking we were seeing, to what was actually going on.  After the first consultation, our dog ATE HIS FOOD and kept it down!   He also slept well that night!  This is literally a first for us with him.  We can not wait for our next session and the rehab of this dog.... and our family.!!! Thank you Mike, you are THE BEST"

Welsh family, Natick, MA



"Above & Beyond All Expectations!!!!!!

Coach Mike has been working with me and my dog Duke for a couple of months now and he has truly been a godsend! I originally came to Coach Mike for Duke’s severe separation anxiety. It was getting to the point that I was going to have to medicate him or re-home him because of the complaints I was getting from my neighbors and all the stress that came along with it. 

My first meeting with Coach Mike was intense- I remember the sweat dripping from his head do to the amount of times he had to walk back and forth from Duke to the door without Duke barking or throwing a fit. He explained things to me about Duke’s behavior that I was reading the completely wrong way. Coach Mike has helped me to regain my place as pack leader and to take back the control that Duke has been struggling to keep. Duke’s anxiety has come a LONG WAY in these past couple months and I know that with Coach Mike’s continued support, patience and confidence we will overcome it completely. 

I cannot express how grateful I am to have had the honor of working with such a skilled trainer and caring individual. Duke and I thank you so very much for all your help!"

Amy C. and Duke




"Coach Mike and Quantum helped my rescue dog and my cat to live peacefully!! No more peeing and pooping except where they are SUPPOSED to go! I even caught them sharing a sunny spot on the floor.  I thought I was going to have to get rid of one or both.  Quantum really is a cat whispererr somehow.  And pairs perfectly with Coach Mike that IS the dog whisperer.  Almost a month later, and it's like I'm living a totally new life.  A real one.  Without scratches and bites and vet bills up the wazoo.  Thanks Coach for everything."

Susan Sabego, Charlie (once out of control beagle mix) and Mr. McNutty (once evil cat)



"Hi, I am writing from Venezuela.  I have not met Mr Mike, but I watch his Youttube videos allot.  Even from thousands of kilometer away, he has helped me!  The dog park aggresion and the housebreaking videos showed me what to do.  I am sorry if my englesh not so good.  I want to add to his reviews becauze he deserves it.  You are a wonderful man.  I hope you have a tv show soon so we can watch you and learn more. "

.Manuela Ortiz

Greetings from South America!



"Coach Mike literally saves lives.  He helps our small adoption agency find new homes for "unadoptable" dogs.  With his knowledge, help, pure professionalism and positive attitude, I can't even estimate how many dogs he's saved from certain death.  He also works so well with our staff and has taught ALL of us how to be better dog handlers, and dare I say, better humans.  Even some of our senior staff that thought they knew it all about dogs, have used a lot of Mike's tactics and advice.  Everyone looks forward to when he helps out.  We love doing "in home agility" as well.  We just use what we have on hand like books, broom poles, breakfast tables, plastic bags (for the dogs to walk on, to simulate different terrain).  He's a genius and can not say enough good things about him.  We love you Coach Mike!!!!! "

Isabelle M.

Coach Mike is the best dog trainer I've ever encountered



"What can I say that hasn't been said?

1) I should've gone to him in the first place
2) I give my dog mixed signals and messages
3) Mike makes it all make sense
4) He is AMAZING with people and dogs!
5) He's every bit as good a teacher as he is a trainer, psychiatrist, solid gold hearted person
6) Quantum is the COOLEST DOG EVER. I can't believe he's a puppy with that much manners and respect
7) Why is this man not rich and famous yet!??!?"

Patty Labreque

A pleasure to work with and learn from


"Coach Mike is an amazing man. Better than the dog whisperer, better than Uncle Maddy, better than anyone I have ever dealt with. I rescue dogs from all over the country and wish I had met Mike a long time ago. He is always available to answer texts/emails/concerns, and is very understanding with my questions and problems. My dog Frankie was severely abused in his previous home, and Coach Mike helped me to not feel bad about his past. We are working on the food aggression, and I am working on my personal development. Coach Mike read my soul like an open book. I am forever grateful and in debt to this wonderful and kind man. I can't say enough good things about him and his skills with people and dogs. He even helped my rescue cat to feel comfortable around Frankie. I would say his golden touch is unmatched and works. Proof is in the pudding, as they say. Thanks Mike, you are the best. I wish you the most success and let us know if we can help. "

Anne-Marie and Frankie

The best


"If it wasn't for Coach Mike, I'm sure my wife and I would be divorced by now because of the dog. He actually saved our marriage, home (literally and figureatively), sanity... He's going to be wildly successful in the dog and people biz. He makes it all make sense. Do your part with your dog, and it all falls in place. "

Gibson family

More than a dog trainer - a psychologist and marriage counselor


"Mike has found his calling, anyone would be blessed to come across his path. Humble but not proud a Man of his word and someone who truely loves the dogs. "


Professional The Real Deal


"This guy is a real life hero. We have been through at least 5 different trainors, none of them could help our rescue dog. Mike 's tactics worked INSTANTLY. I wish we met him sooner. We highly recommend him to everyone we meet, "

Larry C



"Hi Coach Mike. What magic! I can finally get Rocky to take a bath, walk on a leash,, and get in the car with no problems. My daughters finally love having a dog. Thank you "


Rocky is a new dog


"Hi Coach Mike! Thanks for helping us with Tigger, you are a life saver! We always have amazing interactions with you, so glad you decided to do a website. Looking forward to seeing you again soon! "

Melanie and Tigger

We love your work


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